Water and oil based drilling wastes processing and utilization landfill passed all expertizes and obtained all required permissions for the following units:

  • Vessels (sludge collectors) for liquid and solid drilling wastes – 2 pcs.; (volume of each is 5 000 m3);
  • The cover of the landfill is made of road and air field slabs;
  • Drilling waste processing plant;
  • Fire tanks – 2 pcs, 100 m3 each;
  • Evaporation pond;
  • Carwash;
  • Production plant «UZG -1М» (Oily Soil Utilization).

Construction of the following units and facilities is foreseen on the territory of the landfill:

  • Transformer sub-station 10/0.4 kW;
  • Access road, profiled sheet fencing, 10 kW overhead line;
  • Reinforced concrete vessels of sludge collector – 2 pcs., sizes 38x60x2.5m (h), vessels storage capacity is 5000m3 each;
  • Administration and amenity building;
  • Construction wastes processing and utilization trains;
  • Materials and machinery store;
  • Garage for special vehicles and Administrative building;